Robyn’s Quick Quirky Quiz – Olympic edition

July 26th, 2012

Looking for an easy way to get into the spirit of the Olympics? Answer the following questions and feel free to laugh at the other comments as well.

1. Fill in the blank: I’d win GOLD if (       ) was an Olympic sport.

2. If I could have a backstage pass to hang out with the athletes from one Olympic sport (before and after their event) I’d choose…?

3. My favourite romance hero would a) rock at pole vaulting b) run a mean 100 metre sprint c) dive like a champion d) use his considerable skills to impress me in some other way.

4. You’ve been given the task of writing a book where both the hero and heroine are Olympic athletes. Summarise the story for us in (about) SIX words using the following format:

-his sport and the country he’s from

-her sport and the country she’s from

-their greatest challenge

-one unusual inclusion in their training regime.


5. The Olypics are being held in a city near you, and the men’s swim team need you to take them out for a spin. (ahem, to do the touristy thing in public) Where are you going to take them?


Hope you’re all caught up in the excitement of the Olympics now. Can’t wait to read your answers ;-)


~ Robyn

3 Responses to “Robyn’s Quick Quirky Quiz – Olympic edition”

  1. Robyn Thomas says:

    I’m going to start ;-)
    1 eating chocolate
    2 the Aussie swim team
    3 it has to be D – and yes, a capital D ;-)
    4 discus throwing hero – USA, gymnastic heroine – Russia, size difference, holding hands and spinning (he spins… she just hangs on!)
    5 The Savoy for breakfast (after bar hopping all night)

  2. Caroline Storer says:

    1. procrastination
    2. UK Swim Team (I used to do competitive swimming myself ;o) )
    3. D. He’d be good at EVERYTHING!
    4. 7ft American basketball player and 5ft American gymnast need to overcome their height “issues.” She practices the vault a lot!
    5. My house?
    Caroline x

    • Robyn Thomas says:

      Procrastination, lol. The competition is incredibly hot in that “sport.” And I love how answers 2&5 combine… clearly you live in a mansion with an olympic size pool and the swim team will feel right at home there. Why go anywhere else? :-) And the vault… *spits coffee at mental image

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