Abbi to Magic Mike – Where’s the Beefy Hair?

July 13th, 2012

AKA Abbi’s Magic Mike Mash-up

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen Magic Mike and I won’t until at least late next week.


I have to say the Magic Mike phenomenon really confuses me. I understand watching men undress is really sexy and I can’t wait to see that aspect of the movie.

But, Matthew McConaughey? Seriously?



And Tatum Channing?

Nope. Not a chance. Where’s the hair, gentlemen?


Sorry, they don’t do it for me. And my dissatisfaction got me to thinking: Who would do it for me? I mean who would I think would be really hot doing a striptease?

It wasn’t easy to answer, that’s for sure. I mean, even my ‘go- to’ guys don’t appeal in a strip.

David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan


Chris Pine













Zachary Quinto









Sorry guys.

What about this mash-up/duo doing the Full Monty?











Tom Hardy and Jamie Bamber are really close. Yes a little bit of hair and masculinity does Abbi good.

It took me awhile to find that perfect who could bring a smile to my face if he showed up at my door in a bow tie ready to do a private dance for me.

He’s got the body hair I love and he knows how to get the girls . . .







TED, I’m waiting for your personal strip-tease. :-)

Any votes on who else might be hot in a strip tease?


Abbi :-)

9 Responses to “Abbi to Magic Mike – Where’s the Beefy Hair?”

  1. The David. Mr Gandy to you. ;-)

  2. Sorry Abbi – I’d choose Matt any day over those other blokes!! :)

  3. Robyn Thomas says:

    Weirdness alert… I like both Matthew Mc-what’s-his-name, and Tatum Channing in other movies but I just don’t see myself buying a ticket to go see Magic Mike. Maybe it’s because I don’t get to the cinema often and therefore I want… more :-)

  4. Abbi Wilder says:

    Robyn, I want more, too! :-)

  5. Abbi – thank God there’s another woman out there who likes her men, manly. If I wanted a nice smooth chest with nary a hair in sight, I’d sleep with a woman. Well, okay, not really but I just know you understand what I meant. A little chest dusting, a hairy trail leading from navel to …ahem…nether regions, glimpses of fluff poking out of an undone top button on a business shirt – and I’m weak at the knees.

    I don’t mind facial hair either. But none of that freaky Brad Pitt “oh I think I’ll plait my beard” rubbish. Ewwww *shudders*. I mean the real stuff, like ummm oh I don’t know Gerard Butler maybe :)

    But sorry Abbi, I also have a height thing and Ted is, not to put too fine a point on it, vertically challenged.

    Tall, dark and hairy ftw!

  6. Maisey Yates says:

    I’m a huge chest hair fan from…well, not that far back but I’m only 26. :p But I can appreciate a smooth chest from afar so long as it’s in nice shape. Gandy, David Gandy indeed!

    But in Magic Mike the attraction for me would be Matt Bomer. He’s my dude. ;) And yes, my husband knows. He leaves me with my White Collar DVDs in peace….

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