Peek of the Week- sexy Santa

July 4th, 2012

I’m taking a quick break from trying to finish this dratted first draft (the one that keeps growing like a triffid and will NOT follow the nice neat outline I mapped out for it!) to bring you this week’s Peek.

Even though it’s July, there may be a touch of Christmas about it.

My hero, Nick, based on British soap actor Kevin Sacre, is an ex-child star, working as guest Santa in a London department store for a lark.

So here he is. I think he’s kinda cute, and so does my heroine!

Photo from TV Throng

Even though he doesn’t actually take his clothes off in the story (it’s a Sweet), here’s the obligatory shirtless shot, with a little more chest hair than we’re used to.

Photo from Famtic

Gotta love that grin!

Photo from ATG Tickets

And here’s Santa! Oops, my bad, somehow he took his shirt off again! His New Year’s Resolution is to go to the gym. But right now he has far more interesting things to do, like giving bah-humbug store accountant Cara the best Christmas of her life, and finding things get far more complicated than a few fun dates, especially when kisses under the mistletoe get involved.

Photo from Now magazine

Who’s your current hero inspiration?

6 Responses to “Peek of the Week- sexy Santa”

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  2. Now Autumn I do love me a hairy chest so if Cara lacks the sufficient seasonal goodwill towards this man, I’ll be more than happy to fill his stocking (ifyouknowwhatImean nudge nudge wink wink say no more).

    Current hero inspiration is Josh Dallas (Prince Charming from Once Upon A Time) – not my usual cup of tea as I prefer my men tall, dark and hairy but he’s pressing all my heroine’s buttons (and she hates it!).

    • LOL, Elissa! Poor Cara doesn’t know what she wants at the moment! Just about to reject him at the Black Moment because she’d rather stay safe than take a risk. I think it’s a reasonable prediction he’ll be filling her stocking on Christmas Day though. If I can write them a convincing process for the resolution ands not just “here’s where the magic happens” and they live happliy ever after The End! I’m a bit pressed for word count, can you tell?

      Your current hero sounds yummy! Yes, he’s rather on the smooth side (it wouldn’t take much of a push for me to turn him into a smarmy conceited bad guy!), but one of my heroines gets hopelessly muddled and distracted when she’s around him, too.

  3. Abbi Wilder says:

    Ohhh, he’s cute, Autumn. Don’t quite have a Christmas inspiration at the moment. Maybe Jesse Metcalfe from the new Dallas?

    Abbi :-)

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