Robyn’s 2nd Quick Quirky Quiz

July 8th, 2012

Five nice and easy questions. *rethinks the nice, keeps the easy

There are no wrong answers! Just pop your first or silliest thoughts into a comment next to the numbers they relate to.

1. Sex or money? (You have two seconds to choose between a sexy guy and a billionaire… starting now!)

2. For whatever reason there are no beds available in your entire manuscript… name two alternatives

3. Your pet hate when it comes to endings

4. *confession :-) My heroes have been known to say “actually.” What would your hero NEVER say?

5. Best pairing of actors (male/female) EVER! Or… who you’d most like to see paired up.


That’s all. Quick and easy,


~ Robyn

29 Responses to “Robyn’s 2nd Quick Quirky Quiz”

  1. Robyn Thomas says:

    I can’t resist answering ;-) 1. Sex. If he’s that gorgeous he could make billions as a model. 2. the shower, a hallway 3. I’m not big on I’m sorry/me too. Have that conversation earlier people, and save me a few hours of reading! 4. name calling is out 5. I’ve edited too much today to think straight…

  2. 1. Sex – yep, I’m with Robyn on this one. 2. Couch, chair, floor, door, kitchen sink, bathroom vanity…really, the possibilities are endless. ;-) 3. I confess I hate it when one of the h/hs nearly dies and only then does the other person realise the love them. Bah. Also, LOATHE misunderstandings that don’t get cleared up till the end. 4. The hero I’m writing now would never ever say I love you. Boy is he going to be surprised when it comes to the end. 5. Bogart and Bacall.

    • Robyn Thomas says:

      ooh, bathroom vanity. *grins at upcoming book that features just such a thing ;-) I can’t recall a near death thing that’s bugged me, but maybe I’m not thinking hard enough? Lol on your hero being surprised, and great call on Bogart and Bacall.

  3. Maisey Yates says:

    1. Sex. No question. 2. (I have realized that my characters often don’t make it to bed!) An elevator. A yacht. 3. I’m with Jackie on hers, and I have to add I hate the insta change. Bastard until page 280, HEA’d page 281. :/ Also, hate it when h or H don’t say I love you! (So, Jackie, your hero is warned!) 4. Wow. That’s tough. All my guys are pretty different, but yeah, they would never name call. Not seriously. O_O And uh…they would never say ‘fiddle dee dee.’ :p 5. Oh geez. I dunno. I’ll go with Howard Keel and Grace Powell.

    • Robyn Thomas says:

      Sex. No question. That is all :-) Elevators are always good, and I’m so with you on the Bastard/not bastard thing in a page or two. Sometimes there’s not even an explanation for the change!!*smirks at fiddle dee dee, and heads off to google final couple :-)

  4. Samantha says:

    1. Money (sorry!)
    2. Kitchen work top and the shower!
    3. A sad ending.
    4. Can’t think of any thing…. I’m always open to my hero’s saying whatever they feel like :-)
    5. I can’t think of a film pair…. But book par would be Bella and Edward from twilight.

    • Robyn Thomas says:

      No worries, Samantha. You can choose money :-) I love a happy ending too, so sad ones don’t work for me either. And I should have included books as well as films. Good choice in Bella and Edward!

  5. Afsaneh says:

    1. Sex – the whole rolling in money idea doesn’t sound as fun as doing so with a man.

    2. Under the shelter of trees and er . . . haven’t most been named already? Oh, on a billiards table.

    3. When the hero or heroine only decides in the end that they’re in love. As if that kind of thing just pops into mind.

    4. He’s a gentleman, so nothing sexually crass.

    5. Could I pick myself to be the heroine, by any chance? If not, James McAvoy and Anne Hathaway.

    • Robyn Thomas says:

      Rolling in money just sounds like an invitation to papercuts ;-) I remember reading a book where the couple argued about the merits of using a billiards table… too funny! Love that you write gentlemen, and I’m wondering who the hero would be in the final answer if you were the heroine (which you’re welcome to be)

      • Afsaneh says:

        Many papercuts that would need a lot of ‘attention’ maybe?
        Haha, yes well I’m working on a regency romance so he has to be a proper gentleman (with pretty graphic thoughts)
        Michael Fassbender. No competition. Who’s your ‘ideal,’ Robyn?

        • Robyn Thomas says:

          Lol many papercuts that’d need lots of attention from the sexy guy without the money. Can anyone say catch-22?

          Great choice in Michael Fassbender. I think I’d choose Matthew Goode :-)

          • Afsaneh says:

            ’tis a problem, alright.

            It took me a while but you receive my approval there; I love Goode, especially since seeing him in ‘Leap Year.’ <3

  6. Madeline Ash says:

    Yay, another quirky quiz! Love your questions Robyn!

    1. Sex. Money won’t keep me warm, nor will it keep me up at night ;-)

    2. Well, since Maisey cheated and took them all…patio and poolside!

    3. Agree with above – hate it when suddenly *viola* they are in love/hero is actually an okay guy (ah no, he’s still an arsehole, don’t say yes). I also don’t like when they have established their mutual wish for a life together, but pointless small conflicts keep them from finalising it for the last few chapters. To me, the books ends once they both know the other is in it for life (I don’t care about family members/friends/children/external forces after this point. I also don’t like when they decide to woo each other, or go through the dating process at the end because they skipped it earlier. Nu-uh. You’re done. Tension is gone!

    4. “In fact”, “Oops sorry, that was me”, and “I really like hanging out with your mother”.

    5. Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich (in Fifth Element).

    • Robyn Thomas says:

      Thanks Madeline! Money is definitely the colder option :-) You say patio and poolside and my mind automatically adds… porch, pergola, penthouse suite, park, picnic ground, palace… somewhere public, private, purple, um, paradise… I think the next quiz needs some word association questions!

      And now that I’ve recovered from all the possibilities, I agree that sudden changes of perspective are annoying at the end of stories – if there aren’t clear reasons and character growth. And I love those two in the Fifth Element.

  7. I’m loving these little excursions into the murky depths of our psyches! Fascinating……

    1. Sexy. Definitely. You can have a helluva time with a studmuffin with not a cent in your pocket (who’d be wearing anything with pockets anyway, right?) but if he was rolling in money but as icky as, well the chances of him getting me in the sack? Iceburg in hell.

    2. Back seat of the limo and a rooftop garden under the stars.

    3. The makeover. When she gets a makeover and he instantly realises he loves her (because she’s not lovable unless she’s plucked, waxed, dyed and poured into couture).

    4. Gosh darn. Whoopsie daisy.

    5. Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan in Kate and Leopold (sigh). But of course if I’m allowed to be the heroine then it would have to be Mr Butler.

    • Robyn Thomas says:

      Excursions are meant to be fun :-) You have such a way with words. Iceburg in hell, indeed! Rooftop garden under the stars… swoon. Must find a way to get my fave observatory scene back into the ms I’m heating. Thanks for the prompt! Whoopsie Daisey makes me think of Hugh Grant (never a bad thing), and I love Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan together, too.

  8. 1. money. That’s the only thing I’m short of.

    2. Car, Shower, whatever. IN thirty years you can actually cover quite a lot of ground.

    3. When it turns out the hero was unfaithful to heroine and there is no ‘Actually it didn’t happen’.

    4. My current hero would never say Marry Me. If he did the d*mn book would have been a novella.

    5. Spencer Tracey and Katherine Hepburn for vintage. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks for Modern day.

    • Robyn Thomas says:

      Great answers, Fiona! Lol, on the novella. Presumably he’s extra stubborn and needs a longer word count to work through his issues. The unfaithful thing is a tricky one and I’d rather not wait till the end for it to be addressed. If it’s in the story then I want it dissected and dealt with. #amfussy

      And I always love Meg and Tom… even in Joe Versus the Volcano :-)

  9. Maisey Yates says:

    Jane Powell! I suck.

    • Robyn Thomas says:

      No you don’t! Jane, huh?

    • Maisey, it’s funny: when I read your comment I read it as Jane Powell and just now I had to go back and see what you *had* written. I always remember my Mum saying she disliked Jane Powell because every time she sand a song she would end up looking up at the ceiling “Like the person she’s singing to is hanging off the rafters or something!” Still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

      She and Howard did sing together well and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers will always be one of my favourite movies.

  10. Abbi Wilder says:

    1. Sex. Need I say more? 2. A tent and the beach. 3. What Jackie said. When something happens to the hero or heroine that makes the other realize they love them. 3. Indeed. 4. This is hard for me. Maybe Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves?

    Great questions, Robyn!

    Abbi :-)

    • Robyn Thomas says:

      Ooh, a tent and the beach. Good answers ;-) And how could I have forgotten about Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock?? I think they might just be my fave couple evah!!! Watched Speed the other day, now I want to watch the Lakehouse!!

  11. Ginger Jones says:

    1.) I will take the chemistry with Sexy. 2.) In front of the fire and the kitchen counter. 3.) Interrupting a wedding to snag the bride/groom from making a tragic error. 4.) Gosh. 5.) Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn my favorite pairing. Second pairings I would like to see are Shirley MacLaine and Micahel Caine as well as George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez.

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